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Spring/Summer Offerings

Alternating Tuesdays: April 28 through July 21

*Guided Imagery Playshops (6 Playshops-7 Creative Intelligences)  

*Minimizing Imprinting of each of the 7 Intelligences 

3 Wednesday Events: 

*Intro to the Orchestrator Intelligence      *Intro to the Implementor Intelligence     *Band on the Bricks Compatibility Tour

Thursdays:   Free Intro for ALE April 30

Authentic Life Expression 15-week class  Beginning May 7 through August 13

2-Day Weekend Playshops:  "Choosing Our Attractions Rather Than Being Victims Of Our Attractions" (Date To Be Announced); "Building Skills to Expand Our Relationship Options" (May 9/10); "Choosing The Best Partners In Business And Romance" (June 13/14); "couples Discovery: Learning How To Communicate Despite Differences" (July 11& 12); "Finding Great Partners" (Jul 24/26); "Online Dating Opportunities" (Aug 8/9); "CNG For Couples" (Aug 22/23); 

1 Saturday 3-hr playshop: Intro to Common Neutral Ground

Annual Boulder Creek Festival Compatibility Tours (1st Tour:10:00-12:30) (2nd Tour is 1:00-3:30)  May 23